Jean-Luc is a singer-songwriter, rapper and model from New York City. Raised in a family of musicians and storytellers, JL started writing and performing music at an early age. However, it was the days in SoHo and nights in downtown raves that inspired him to pursue the career of an artist. After developing his sound and brand he released the hits Drunk, 2AM, and FMLYD at the end of 2016. Amassing over 150K plays online he was dubbed by many as the incoming ‘Prince of Pop’.  

Jean-Luc is characterized by his youthful and provocative style, club-ready music and choreographed performances. He is directly influenced by his love of the pop greats---Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince--and is picking up where they left off in 2018. Jean-Luc’s music combines the euphoria of electronic dance, sensuality of R&B and swag of hip hop into a brand new sound. His visuals are high concept short films that explore today’s youth and the chase of never ending gratification.

This year will see Jean-Luc release his debut project ‘American Fantasy’--an experience selling confidence to an audience dying to be seen. A banger filled, musical narration of a generation’s search for purpose through posts, likes and fame. Through the music, videos, and performances Jean-Luc will use his brand to push culture and inspire fans to go after their dreams--no matter the follower count.